Kurma Token
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Kurma Token is a charity token that helps save turtles.

Our Story

After many years of drifting in the uncharted oceans of cryptocurrency, our team has organically migrated toward one another with a common goal… to establish The Original Sea Turtle Token, KURMA, with a utility that marks a new endeavor carving out a path for fundamental philanthropy on the blockchain. The $KURMA team shares very practical and transparent values… “Crypto is here to stay so, why not use it for good?” We’ve been inspired by others before us and we want to continue to inspire those who will follow in our footsteps. Why feed the negativity in the airspace, when we can provide a positive?

What does “positive” mean to KURMA?

Honesty, action, integrity & effort. (The motivating factors at KURMA project.)

With the recent bubbling, steaming "eye of fire" starring at us from the Gulf of Mexico, it is obvious our oceanic interactions are not going the way we, mankind, had planned… Our separate but specialized skillsets at $KURMA, will help us as we take great pride in reaching out to the EPA, interacting, volunteering and even vetting the pros to make sure they have, not only the Sea Turtles best interests at heart but also, the finances required to push the current environmental organization into hyper drive.

As part of our roadmap and mission, $KURMA will demonstrate our passion by staying heavily involved with the foundations saving and supporting The Sea Turtle community. Focusing our energies on common Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles, $KURMA will prove that CRYPTO can be a vehicle for implementing positive change in the world we share not only with each other, but millions of sea creatures being affected by the Global Tragedy within our Oceans. The Billions of pounds of Plastic accumulating in our seas and on our beaches is being inserted, swallowed, digested and mutilating the lives of all sea life and of course limiting the future of human life in return.

This will be of no easy task as every token succeeds or fails based on its value system, integrity, and community. That is why at $KURMA we put non-profit acts & engagement at the heart of everything we do; such as supporting the established foundations working to fight this ongoing global crisis, who need all the help they can get, and addressing a real-world problem both domestically & internationally. Our goals are honorable goals, attainable in our lifetime, and will truly make a difference.

It must be said that $KURMA Token is an investment and as with any Crypto investment, the market goal will be to add, share, and grow the value while increasing visibility and viability. That is why our smart contract was designed with specific transaction fees that sustain reinvestment while supporting donation milestones, community, and reward long-term holders.

Current Contribution

Billion Baby Turtles

10 hatchlings for every $1 donated

$100 Donated
1st Target: $400 (4000 Turtles)

The KURMA project is dedicated to sharing the token’s success and value with the non profit organizations that the community votes on. We have dedicated .001% of our total market cap value’s worth of tokens out of our Charity Wallet (10% total supply) at each market cap milestone to go directly to these organizations. As the project rises so will the amount we are able to provide. You can see below a break down of market cap goals and the associated donation amount relative to it.

Donation Schedule

Market CapDonation


Total Redistribution Fee
To Holders
To Liquidity

KURMA Contract was built from the ground up with holders and philanthropy at the forefront in order to protect holders from whales and to encourage long term holding. No one holder controls more than 2% of all tokens by design.

2021 Roadmap

Token Created
Token Audited
Website Revamped
Dev Wallet Lock
Token Presale
Remove 24hr Buy Limit
Lock Liquidity Pool
First Donation
v2 Re-Launch